ShareFile SFAntivirus functionality – How to disable it?

Disabling ShareFile SFantivirus

What to do when you want to disable the ShareFile SFantivirus functionality because you want to make use of the ICAP functionality or have local Fileserver On-Access Antivirus for the On-premises Fileshare enabled? You can’t just simply turn SFantivirus off within the StorageZone Controller admin page of by disabling the ShareFile Antivirus Integration Service. The Antivirus Scan Queue will still be there and the number of items keeps going up while data is being uploaded to your On-premises StorageZone.

In order to disable the SFantivirus functionality, please follow these steps:

  • Stop the ShareFile Antivirus Integration Service
  • Rename the config file “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StorageCenter\Tools\SFAntiVirus\SFAntiVirus.exe.config”
  • Rename Antivirus Scan Queue file “\\Fileserver\Fileshare\Queue\914DF171-825A-4E0A-B622-384C0778386F”
  • Remove the pointer to the Antivirus Scan Queue from “\\Fileserver\Fileshare\Queue\listOfQueues” file.

Please see the following of an example of the queue file with and without the AV upload queue. Before editing the file, create a copy of the original just to be sure.

With Antivirus Scan Queue


Without Antivirus Scan Queue


Restart all of the Citrix ShareFile services on your StorageZone Controller server after the change to the listOfQueues file.

Notice that the Antivirus Scan Queue within the ShareFile StorageZone Monitoring page is gone. The  SFantivirus functionality is now disabled.

ShareFile StorageZone Monitoring Queue

ShareFile StorageZone Monitoring Queue

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