Citrix FAS – The username or password is incorrect

Recently I was asked to implement Citrix FAS (Federated Authentication Service) into an existing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops(XenApp) environment. While testing the implementation I could not log in using FAS. The following error appeared at the logon screen: “The username or password is incorrect”.

What could be wrong? 

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ShareFile Recycle Bin – How to adjust the default retention period

ShareFile Recycle Bin

As you might know, deleted items within a ShareFile Storage Zone are not permanently deleted right away. These deleted files go to the ShareFile Recycle Bin, which is accessible through the ShareFile Web App. It does not matter whether you remove files using the ShareFile Web App or the DriveMapper application, they all end up in the ShareFile Recycle Bin. Continue reading

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Self servicing DPI scaling while using RES ONE Workspace with Zero Profiling

Recently I worked on a XenDesktop project where RES ONE Workspace 2016 was implemented using Local Profiles and Zero Profiling on Windows 2012R2. End users wanted to be able to change the DPI scaling settings on demand within the Citrix session, as they were used to. This functionality was working for them because Roaming Profiles were being used. It is easy to capture these DPI settings using RES ONE Workspace, but applying them during user login using RES ONE Workspace has no effect. This is because these settings must be in place before the shell is loaded to get it to work.

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ShareFile Web App – How to check for your Web App version?

Citrix is continuously improving functionality and developing new functionality for the ShareFile Web App. In order to make these new functionalities available to its customers Citrix rolls out new versions of the Web App.

You can check for new Release Notes here.

In case you want to use newly released features of the Web App but you can’t find them within your subdomain, chances are that your subdomain hasn’t yet been updated to the newest version. You can check if your subdomain is on the release you expect, or still needs an update.

Ok, but how to check for the current Web App version? Depending on the location where your ShareFile domain resides enter https://<yoursubdomain> or https://<yoursubdomain> in a webbrowser and check for the release entry. This way you are able to see the version of the Web App within your subdomain.

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ShareFile SFAntivirus functionality – How to disable it?

Disabling ShareFile SFantivirus

What to do when you want to disable the ShareFile SFantivirus functionality because you want to make use of the ICAP functionality or have local Fileserver On-Access Antivirus for the On-premises Fileshare enabled? You can’t just simply turn SFantivirus off within the StorageZone Controller admin page of by disabling the ShareFile Antivirus Integration Service. The Antivirus Scan Queue will still be there and the number of items keeps going up while data is being uploaded to your On-premises StorageZone. Continue reading

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ShareFile Virus Strictness explained

ShareFile Virus Strictness

When using the SFAntivirus scanning option within your On-premises StorageZone, you have the option to use ShareFile Virus Strictness. Continue reading

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ShareFile Antivirus scanning

This article is about scanning your data in an On-premises StorageZone using the ShareFile Antivirus functionality.

Citrix Managed or Customer Managed StorageZones

Whether you need to arrange some kind antivirus scanning depends on the fact where your ShareFile data is located. Is it in a Citrix Managed StorageZone, or do you have an On-premises StorageZone, or perhaps a mix of both?

Citrix Managed StorageZone

When having your data in a Citrix Managed StorageZone, you do not need to worry about scanning for viruses of your data. All data within this zone is being scanned by Citrix. Continue reading

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Hi there!

Hi! So there it is, my own blog site. Everyone once in a while I hope to publish an article of things I come across in the IT business.

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